Merillat Makes Aging in Place Easier

Whether you have mobility problems or plan to stay in your house throughout your retirement, planning ahead is important. Remaining in familiar, comfortable surroundings (aging in place) is good for your state of mind and your health and Merillat Cabinetry has the products to help you do it.  So if this is your pine box home (the only way they’ll get you out of there is in a pine box) then start thinking about your options and check this page for ideas.

Easy access is the first important step.  If you foresee a time when you may be in a wheelchair or have limited mobility, then look to features like drawers, pull-out cabinets and storage accessories that will make your life easier.  They’re called functionalities, those conveniences in a kitchen that makes it easier to work and live in.  Pull-out trash cans and recycling bins, pull-out trays and lazy susan cabinets all fall into this category.

Lazy Susan Cabinet

wood lazy susan

A lazy susan corner cabinet is an ideal corner cabinet in any kitchen, but it becomes a critical part of any kitchen designed to help homeowners age in place.  It puts items out in front where you can reach them and is available in any style or finish of the Merillat Classic or Merillat Masterpiece line.

Base Pantry Towers

pantry base

This Merillat Masterpiece base multi-storage cabinet puts everything at your fingertips.  Both doors are equipped with shelves for canned goods and spices and the rest of the space has movable storage towers for anything else you might need to stash away.  It’s perfect for anyone with limited mobility.

Pot and Pan Base

AIP Drawers

These drawers will hold anything!  No more scrabbling in your cabinets for  stock pots, frying pans or plastic storage containers and their lids.  Available in Merillat Masterpiece and Classic, these drawers are roomy and load-rated at 75 lbs so you can it can handle your biggest mixing bowl or heaviest cookware.

Pegged Drawer Kit

pegged drawer

A good option for people with limited reach, the affordable pegged drawer kit allows you to store plates, bowls and serving pieces down low where it’s easier to reach.  The pegs are adjustable, to keep your breakables safe.

Pull-out Trash

pull-out trash

Make sure you have a pull-out trash cabinet in your new kitchen, itmakes trash disposal easy and convenient.  Available in one, two or four can options, you can pick the one based on what your mobility needs are.

Chopping Block

chopping block

Anyone in a wheelchair can still help with food preparation using this Merillat Masterpiece chopping block.  It brings the work surface out so you can sit and work instead of stand, or you just want a little extra workspace.

If You Want A Christmas Kitchen, Start Now

Cabinets, countertop, schedule, time, how long, installation, time frame

Holiday decorations will soon appear in the stores and some folks are already shopping.  Others are looking forward to family gatherings or dreading that awkward conversation they’ll be forced to have with their least favorite uncle.  Some of you might be dreaming about making Christmas dinner in their newly-remodeled kitchen.  Don’t miss that deadline because you’ve underestimated how long a kitchen remodel takes.  Assuming you have a

Do Black Stainless Steel Appliances Have Staying Power?

Brand new.  Up-to-date.  Cutting edge.  Different.

black stainless appliances traditional finish new feature

Black stainless steel appliances by Kitchen Aid

These are the aspirations of most of our clients have and these aspirations spur creative thinking about the look they want in their new kitchen.  Black stainless steel appliances can be part of the dream but if you’re building or remodeling, remember to balance aesthetics with long-term value.  Since appliances are an important visual factor in a kitchen, our experienced designers at Carolina Kitchen & Bath came up with some pros and cons for black stainless appliances.

Three More Reasons Why White Is A Classic

Cool and clean-looking, white cabinets never go out of style

Classic Portrait Cotton white dove white finishes finish

Merillat Classic Portrait Cotton

If you follow our blog, you may remember that back in December, we published blog posts discussing the pros and cons of a white finish like Cotton or Dove White and a neutral finish like Graphite or Chiffon.  Merillat Cabinetry has weighed in on the subject with a great blog post discussing reasons to choose white for your new kitchen.  Take a look, because the input will give you the confidence to pick the color that’s right for you.  Then come into our showroom take a look at the finish selections.  Merillat Cabinetry and Carolina Kitchen & Bath offer what you need to create that white kitchen you’ve been dreaming about.


Eliminate “Custom Kitchen” Sticker Shock with Merillat Masterpiece

Everybody wants a custom kitchen.

cus·tom adjective  Made to order for a particular customer, as in: “We want custom cabinets.”

That’s Webster’s definition but it probably doesn’t say it all.  To many buyers, it means “meticulously crafted using only quality materials by a local craftsman and costing big bucks.”

So how can you get this quality without spending a fortune?  At Carolina Kitchen & Bath, we offer Merillat Masterpiece cabinetry, a line that offers a wide range of styles, finishes, sizes, storage options and upgrades.  Masterpiece cabinets are built with care and attention to detail out of quality

Rules To Heed If You Don’t Want To Be Voted Off the Island

What can an island do for your kitchen?

A kitchen plan that includes an island opens up range of possibilities; it’s an avenue to unlock design potential with different colors, styles and product choices.  You can select a contrasting finish color for the island versus the perimeter of the kitchen; give the island a furniture look or bring two different countertops into the plan.  By all means, pick the colors and products you love, but avoid a design disaster by paying attention to how they go together.  Here are some rules to follow so you won’t be voted off the island:

De-wrinkle Your Laundry In More Ways Than One.


This pull-out ironing board is always ready to go

Space is always at a premium

A laundry room often ends up getting short-changed in terms of style and storage.  That plastic laundry tub the contractor put in is functional, but there’s no way to store anything out of sight.  And you’ve got to face facts – it’s just plain ugly.  Open coated-wire shelves above the washer and dryer offer a few square feet of space, but crowded shelves are an eyesore.  Take a look at improving this area of your home with some smart, elegant ideas.

Try revamping laundry chores with Merillat Cabinetry’s built-in functionalities like this pull-out ironing board.  Replace the clumsy one that’s hanging on the wall with a conveniently-hidden ironing board that there so you can smooth out the wrinkles and move on to more interesting things.  And since you’re in renovation mode, toss out those open shelves above the washer and dryer and replace them with wall cabinets for some great-looking storage.

New Products from Merillat Bring Value to Your Life


2017 is starting off as a banner year!  Merillat is introducing four new cabinets that will add beauty, value and convenience to your kitchen.  Their new Message Center, Floating Shelves, Wine Storage and Matching Mantel Hood do an gorgeous job of making your life better.  Come in to our showroom at Carolina Kitchen & Bath and we’ll introduce you to Merillat Quality.

Message Center



The Message Center wall cabinet can be installed on the side of another wall cabinet and incorporates two white boards, key hooks, stainless steel pencil holder and shelves so you can stash your tablet or write a reminder to your kids.  It comes in every door style Merillat Classic offers and will help you tame some of the clutter.  Add value and convenience with the Message Center.

Floating Shelves



Formerly a feature only in the Merillat Masterpiece line, the Floating Shelves come in all finishes and provides a way for your special decor pieces to really stand out.  They can be used with corbels like in the image below, or separately to create an open, contemporary look.  Use them to display your glass or tableware.  Bring beauty to a whole new level with Merillat Classic’s Floating Shelves.

Wine Storage Cabinet



Criss-cross your wine collection with Merillat Classic’s new Wine Storage Cabinet.  It’s generously-sized so it can store all your favorite vintages at your fingertips.  Formerly only available in the Masterpiece line, it’s just more evidence that the Classic line is expanding to meet important trends and decorating styles.  Now you can really pour on the the style with Merillat Classic’s Wine Storage Cabinet.

Matching Mantel Hood



Perfect for a traditonal kitchen, Classic is introducing its Matching Mantel Hood.  It’s available in all wood selections, styles and finishes so you use it to change up your kitchen by bringing in a second color in either stain or paint.  This will create a dramatic focal point in your kitchen and highlight your unique style.  Enjoy this traditional look and take advantage of the unconventional value.

Merillat Classic Unveils New Door Styles, Finishes

Rowan, door style, flat panel, Mist finish

Rowan door style in a Mist finish


Rowan door style in a Graphite finish

Merillat Classic has just announced its new products for 2017 and is unveiling a large selection of new products, colors, features and options.  Among the introductions are the new door styles Rowan and Lanielle are a nod to the contemporary, offering clean lines and interesting textures.  The Rowan is a full-overlay mitered door that features an angled profile surrounding a flat panel.  The standard drawer front is a flat slab but an upgrade to a five-piece drawer front is available and it comes in any of the maple or cherry finishes.  The styling is versatile and would work in almost any setting but the simple design of the Rowan would be a good foundation for a contemporary kitchen or bath.

Which Is Better, Granite or Quartz Countertops?

Picking a countertop material isn’t hard if you’ve got the facts

granite, countetop, island, quartz countertop, beauty, unique

This granite countertop illustrates the unique beauty of any natural material

Kitchen countertops are first and foremost a work surface.  They’ve got to be able to stand up to punishment while looking great.  Clients look for countertops that will meet their needs but will also  say something about their personal style.  Most people who come into our showroom at Carolina Kitchen & Bath usually end up asking “Which is better, granite or quartz?”  The quick answer is:  “It depends.”  Both materials come in