Do Black Stainless Steel Appliances Have Staying Power?

Brand new.  Up-to-date.  Cutting edge.  Different.

black stainless appliances traditional finish new feature

Black stainless steel appliances by Kitchen Aid

These are the aspirations of most of our clients have and these aspirations spur creative thinking about the look they want in their new kitchen.  Black stainless steel appliances can be part of the dream but if you’re building or remodeling, remember to balance aesthetics with long-term value.  Since appliances are an important visual factor in a kitchen, our experienced designers at Carolina Kitchen & Bath came up with some pros and cons for black stainless appliances.

Eliminate “Custom Kitchen” Sticker Shock with Merillat Masterpiece

Everybody wants a custom kitchen.

cus·tom adjective  Made to order for a particular customer, as in: “We want custom cabinets.”

That’s Webster’s definition but it probably doesn’t say it all.  To many buyers, it means “meticulously crafted using only quality materials by a local craftsman and costing big bucks.”

So how can you get this quality without spending a fortune?  At Carolina Kitchen & Bath, we offer Merillat Masterpiece cabinetry, a line that offers a wide range of styles, finishes, sizes, storage options and upgrades.  Masterpiece cabinets are built with care and attention to detail out of quality

Merillat Classic Unveils New Door Styles, Finishes

Rowan, door style, flat panel, Mist finish

Rowan door style in a Mist finish


Rowan door style in a Graphite finish

Merillat Classic has just announced its new products for 2017 and is unveiling a large selection of new products, colors, features and options.  Among the introductions are the new door styles Rowan and Lanielle are a nod to the contemporary, offering clean lines and interesting textures.  The Rowan is a full-overlay mitered door that features an angled profile surrounding a flat panel.  The standard drawer front is a flat slab but an upgrade to a five-piece drawer front is available and it comes in any of the maple or cherry finishes.  The styling is versatile and would work in almost any setting but the simple design of the Rowan would be a good foundation for a contemporary kitchen or bath.

Finish Possibilities Part II – Neutrals!

neutrals, colors, finishes

Remember “The Brady Bunch?”

Different doesn’t have to mean dangerous.

You can classify looks like the orange and green of the 70’s or the hunter green of the 90’s, as a fad that becomes old and unworkable when tastes shift and the inevitable next trend appears.  In the last few years, the fashionable colors have been neutrals, but the word “trend” just doesn’t fit them.  Beige, gray or taupe may be the predominant color in a room, but they can also serve as a foundation for any color – and it’s a foundation with staying power.

The range of colors in Merillat’s Masterpiece line stretches from a placid Dove White up through a dramatic Onyx and includes Merillat’s vibrant Cardinal, a red painted finish that’s a great color for an island or a butler’s pantry.