If You Want A Christmas Kitchen, Start Now

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Holiday decorations will soon appear in the stores and some folks are already shopping.  Others are looking forward to family gatherings or dreading that awkward conversation they’ll be forced to have with their least favorite uncle.  Some of you might be dreaming about making Christmas dinner in their newly-remodeled kitchen.  Don’t miss that deadline because you’ve underestimated how long a kitchen remodel takes.  Assuming you have a

Three More Reasons Why White Is A Classic

Cool and clean-looking, white cabinets never go out of style

Classic Portrait Cotton white dove white finishes finish

Merillat Classic Portrait Cotton

If you follow our blog, you may remember that back in December, we published blog posts discussing the pros and cons of a white finish like Cotton or Dove White and a neutral finish like Graphite or Chiffon.  Merillat Cabinetry has weighed in on the subject with a great blog post discussing reasons to choose white for your new kitchen.  Take a look, because the input will give you the confidence to pick the color that’s right for you.  Then come into our showroom take a look at the finish selections.  Merillat Cabinetry and Carolina Kitchen & Bath offer what you need to create that white kitchen you’ve been dreaming about.


Leaks don’t have to be a disaster with new CoreGuard sink base

CoreGard sink base is another great Merillat innovation

coreguard base sink leaks durable

The CoreGard sink base is truly a Masterpiece!

Drip, drip, drip.  Whether or not you hear that sound, you may not discover a leak under your sink for a few days, or a few weeks.  By the time you do, there’s a big water stain on the bottom of your sink cabinet – or worse.  Merillat Cabinets has come out with a solution to that with their CoreGuard sink base.

The body of the cabinet is made from an engineered polymer that isn’t damaged by leaks or spills.  It has a sloped bottom so any liquid will flow to the front of the cabinet where you’re more likely to see it, and caught by a plastic lip so the leak is contained and your cabinet stays beautiful, inside and out.  The bottom of the cabinet is corrugated, to raise up any stored items and keep them dry.

Come in today and see what kind of cabinet options are available for your kitchen.  Merillat has so many beautiful products and smart conveniences; let us introduce you.