De-wrinkle Your Laundry In More Ways Than One.


This pull-out ironing board is always ready to go

Space is always at a premium

A laundry room often ends up getting short-changed in terms of style and storage.  That plastic laundry tub the contractor put in is functional, but there’s no way to store anything out of sight.  And you’ve got to face facts – it’s just plain ugly.  Open coated-wire shelves above the washer and dryer offer a few square feet of space, but crowded shelves are an eyesore.  Take a look at improving this area of your home with some smart, elegant ideas.

Try revamping laundry chores with Merillat Cabinetry’s built-in functionalities like this pull-out ironing board.  Replace the clumsy one that’s hanging on the wall with a conveniently-hidden ironing board that there so you can smooth out the wrinkles and move on to more interesting things.  And since you’re in renovation mode, toss out those open shelves above the washer and dryer and replace them with wall cabinets for some great-looking storage.

New Products from Merillat Bring Value to Your Life


2017 is starting off as a banner year!  Merillat is introducing four new cabinets that will add beauty, value and convenience to your kitchen.  Their new Message Center, Floating Shelves, Wine Storage and Matching Mantel Hood do an gorgeous job of making your life better.  Come in to our showroom at Carolina Kitchen & Bath and we’ll introduce you to Merillat Quality.

Message Center



The Message Center wall cabinet can be installed on the side of another wall cabinet and incorporates two white boards, key hooks, stainless steel pencil holder and shelves so you can stash your tablet or write a reminder to your kids.  It comes in every door style Merillat Classic offers and will help you tame some of the clutter.  Add value and convenience with the Message Center.

Floating Shelves



Formerly a feature only in the Merillat Masterpiece line, the Floating Shelves come in all finishes and provides a way for your special decor pieces to really stand out.  They can be used with corbels like in the image below, or separately to create an open, contemporary look.  Use them to display your glass or tableware.  Bring beauty to a whole new level with Merillat Classic’s Floating Shelves.

Wine Storage Cabinet



Criss-cross your wine collection with Merillat Classic’s new Wine Storage Cabinet.  It’s generously-sized so it can store all your favorite vintages at your fingertips.  Formerly only available in the Masterpiece line, it’s just more evidence that the Classic line is expanding to meet important trends and decorating styles.  Now you can really pour on the the style with Merillat Classic’s Wine Storage Cabinet.

Matching Mantel Hood



Perfect for a traditonal kitchen, Classic is introducing its Matching Mantel Hood.  It’s available in all wood selections, styles and finishes so you use it to change up your kitchen by bringing in a second color in either stain or paint.  This will create a dramatic focal point in your kitchen and highlight your unique style.  Enjoy this traditional look and take advantage of the unconventional value.

Which Is Better, Granite or Quartz Countertops?

Picking a countertop material isn’t hard if you’ve got the facts

granite, countetop, island, quartz countertop, beauty, unique

This granite countertop illustrates the unique beauty of any natural material

Kitchen countertops are first and foremost a work surface.  They’ve got to be able to stand up to punishment while looking great.  Clients look for countertops that will meet their needs but will also  say something about their personal style.  Most people who come into our showroom at Carolina Kitchen & Bath usually end up asking “Which is better, granite or quartz?”  The quick answer is:  “It depends.”  Both materials come in

Dovetail Drawers Add Strength and Durability

dovetail, merillat, cabinets, cabinetry, drawers, construction features, dovetails, dovetailed, maple, high quality

Dovetailed drawer before assembly. The tails (L) and pins (R) mesh when joined and make a virtually unbreakable joint

Dovetail drawers have a long history of quality

Dovetail joinery is a construction technique that evolved millennia ago and has been found in Egyptian tombs from the First Dynasty as well as in the tombs of Chinese emperors.  It has been used in a wide range of applications from delicate jewelry boxes to timber-framed homes.  Tails and pins are fashioned to exacting standards and then slipped together, locking and forming a joint with great tensile strength.  Dovetail joinery is a sign of quality that’s easy to recognize and the technique is even used as a design element in a variety of

Finish Possibilities Part II – Neutrals!

neutrals, colors, finishes

Remember “The Brady Bunch?”

Different doesn’t have to mean dangerous.

You can classify looks like the orange and green of the 70’s or the hunter green of the 90’s, as a fad that becomes old and unworkable when tastes shift and the inevitable next trend appears.  In the last few years, the fashionable colors have been neutrals, but the word “trend” just doesn’t fit them.  Beige, gray or taupe may be the predominant color in a room, but they can also serve as a foundation for any color – and it’s a foundation with staying power.

The range of colors in Merillat’s Masterpiece line stretches from a placid Dove White up through a dramatic Onyx and includes Merillat’s vibrant Cardinal, a red painted finish that’s a great color for an island or a butler’s pantry.  

Finish Possibilities Part I – White


Ad from the early 20th century showing up-to-date white cabinets

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

There’s a wide range of stained and painted finishes to choose from when selecting a finish color for your new kitchen, which means this can be a very tough choice.  Neutral pastels in light gray and creamy tones are coming to the fore but white-painted cabinets are classic, reaching back more than 100 years.  Between 1900 and 1920, when cities began focusing on improving the health of their residents, many inaugurated water systems.   This began a wave of modernization, with an emphasis on cleanliness and good hygiene as the ideal.  As the concept of the hygienic kitchen took hold, many manufacturers started producing white cabinets to appeal to the modern expectations of their customers.

Merillat Classic Ralston Turns a Small Kitchen Into a Smart Kitchen


Merillat Classic’s Ralston cabinets really score!

A recent Carolina Kitchen & Bath project in Kernersville, NC proves that small doesn’t have to be skimpy.   Our client chose Merillat Classic Ralston with a painted Cotton finish to lend a clean, uncomplicated look at an affordable price.  Staying within the budget was important, but that didn’t mean they had to sacrifice smart storage options.  The base cabinets have added functionalities that maximize the usefulness of the space.

This is the Only Big Box You’ll Ever Need if You’re Remodeling Your Kitchen


Don’t just take your chances.

The large home improvement centers have everything for a remodeling project.  Lumber, cleaning supplies, carpeting, light bulbs, grass seed, ladders and toilets. You can find just about everything you need for household DIY projects at a Big Box store, but if you need help, you take your chances.  For a complex job like remodeling a kitchen, that’s a big problem.  If you need a kitchen for that new home you’re building or you want to remodel your existing kitchen, come to us.  At Carolina Kitchen & Bath, we do one thing and we do it well – design, sell and install kitchen cabinets and countertops.  Our designers have the training and experience to lead you through the process as well as the time to focus on your job.

What Does the Warranty Really Mean?


Check the warranty before you buy.

A cabinet warranty isn’t just a guess; it’s a statement of quality that’s based on development and testing, and it is an indication of how long a manufacturer thinks a product will last.  Sure, the warranty that Merillat offers protects you against the failure of a part, but it also gives you an idea of what Merillat thinks of their products. They offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty on their Masterpiece line and a 25 Year Warranty on their Classic line of cabinets.  Both guarantees are a result of painstaking research that has to be completed before they introduce a new product or innovation.  

Here’s How to Manage the Mess

dustCabinet, countertop and tile installation can generate a lot of dust, but with any kitchen remodel job, it’s easy to lose sight of this detail among everything else that’s going on.  It’s important not to overlook it though, and it’s a fairly quick and simple task that really pays off.  Be thorough because there is no such thing as overkill when it comes to managing this kind of mess.  Here are a few simple tips:

1) Cover the doorways. Buy .5 mil or thicker plastic and tack it up above the doorways to the kitchen. It’s also helpful to cover any other openings to nearby rooms and closets and keep them closed. It doesn’t stop all the dust but it makes a big difference.

2) Protect the furniture. It’s up to you to take care of that heirloom china cabinet or your walnut dining room set. Be proactive and drape the furniture with thin .2-.3 mil plastic. Take down anything hanging on the wall or drape it with thin plastic, too.